• Bill Mitchel

    Bill Mitchel is the self proclaimed 'mouth of merseyside'. His views are blunt, honest and sometimes contraversial but to say he speaks his mind implies he thinks before he speaks (something that Bill may not have the capacity for)...

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  • Natalie Wood

    Natalie Wood has dreamt of working for a newspaper since she was 9 years old, however she gets the impression she was employed merely to cover for Bill's outbursts. Ironicaly her ideals can cause just as many complaints.

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Old Hall Strip is the first comic to be truly interactive with it's readers. Whether it's a question you want to ask, a community event you want shouting out or a rant you want heard. If it involves Merseyside, Bill Mitchel and Natalie Wood want to hear about it. Keep an eye peeled for your letter in the Liverpool Echo.


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